MY WATER OF LIFE / “The Effects of Drought Increase on Plant Diversity and Forests”


Global warming and climate change threaten even water-rich countries by dragging the world into an uncertain future. Therefore, water literacy is extremely important for the conservation and conservation of water, which is a vital resource for life. With this project, students will learn by observing the behavior of water in their daily lives, by experiencing how it gets polluted and how it should be protected. The widespread use of water literacy among students will make an important contribution to the protection of the ecological system.


With this project, it was aimed to make students water literate by creating water awareness against the increasing water pollution in the world. In addition, it was aimed to use water, which is one of the most important resources in the world and used irresponsibly, among our students, parents and teachers in a more careful and economical way. In addition, with web 2.0 tools, it was aimed to improve students’ foreign language skills and to use technologies such as computers and mobile phones safely.


“The Effects of Drought Increase on Plant Diversity and Forests”

Mentör Teachers:  Nazan Yılmazer & Maria Leonor Neves Alves

And  Our mixed team students

*For this purpose, in mixed country teams, “The Effects of Drought Increase on Plant Diversity and Forests” Researched, learned and awareness raised ..*

We formed mixed teams with our project partners. We, as the 3rd team, researched “The Effects of Drought Increase on Plant Diversity and Forests” with our students. We held a meeting for this first. We made research. We shared our research articles in the forum. We created slogan and posters. We combined it with the book. We shared it on Twinspace pages.


You can see our e Book work by clicking the link below.


We worked together with 16 teachers and 145 students from Turkey, Albania, Spain, Portugal and Italy.” My Water of Life  ”we put a lot of effort into our project. We created ” Water Literacy ” awareness. Thank you very much to all our teacher and student project team.

Our project “My water of Life”, founded by my teacher FATMA KILIÇ and of which we are a project partner, will continue to raise awareness about “water literacy” related to the environment.

Our project, which started on 15.09.2020, will continue until 30.05.2021.

Nazan YILMAZER  / Osman Nuri Hekimoğlu Anatolian High School / Konya / TURKEY