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Olha Doskochynska,Scientix Ambassador in Ukraine, co-founder of the organization "Teachers' Guild", teacher of computer science at the Lyceum. I. Pulyuya, STEM teacher, Robotics Trainer and Microsoft Trainer, Distance Learning Implementation Trainer

V International Lviv STEM Festival during the war in Ukraine

This year, Scientix Ambassador Olha Doskochynska organized the V International Lviv Stem Festival for Ukrainian teachers and students during the war in Ukraine. The purpose of this festival is to promote science, technology, mathematics, and art.

We planned to organize V International Lviv Stem Festival offline and invite colleagues, and Scientix Ambassadors from Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Albania, and Israel to Lviv for exchange experiences. But now there is a war in Ukraine and we will use an online format for teachers and an offline format for our Ukrainian students.

During the online seminar, my colleagues and I talked about the implementation of STEM in our countries and shared our ideas and innovations.

The main part of the festival was a visit to the Museum of Science of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which moved to Lviv from Kyiv.

Since the beginning of the war, we have been organizing offline training for students who have moved from cities where there is war.

Students of my school and students who came from the East of Ukraine during the seminar had the opportunity to conduct research, develop critical thinking, cooperate, develop communication skills.

As a Scientix Ambassador, my task is to promote STEAM education and share experiences.

Science and education are always relevant. Education is the force that helps us, Ukrainians win everything, especially now that my country, Ukraine, is at war.

In this Museum of Science, students have the opportunity to implement ideas, develop projects, and conduct experiments. Here we visited games and interactive exhibitions, which focus on the promotion of technology, science, and innovation.

Students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibits in the areas of IT, bio- and modern technologies, physics, robotics, electronics, and Smart Cities. The museum has research laboratories for children and young people, where you can create your own experiment under the supervision of specialists, learn about chemical processes, and have an unforgettable time. Physical phenomena await visitors in a separate hall. Here you can understand how gravity works, look at lenses, and learn more about sound propagation. In other halls, you can build roller coasters, explore human anatomy and get acquainted with the great inventions of mankind. For example, make an architectural arch and feel why such structures hold ancient and majestic buildings.

During this week, my students and I also explored the planet Mars. Students created their own models of the rocket, as well as the work of the rover. Students explored whether life on Mars is possible and what people need to live there.

IV International Lviv Stem Conference

Olha Doskochynska

This year our online conference took place on April 9 with the support of the Lviv City Council, the Lviv Conference Bureau, the Teachers’ Guild NGO, and Liceum after Ivan Puluj. Our event took place on the zoom platform and on YouTube

More than 200 participants, 20 speakers from 6 countries were represented at the conference: Poland, Israel, Lithuania, Slovakia. Albania and, of course, Ukraine. Welcome speech by Andriy Moskalenko, First Deputy Mayor for Economic Development opened the event. Then on the panel discussion “TOP questions about STEM education: Who? How? Why?” we talked about the development of STEM education and integration of lessons in schools, about the technical and material support for lessons and STEM projects.

The conference became an interactive educational platform for teachers and anyone interested in innovation in education. With the speakers, all participants of the conference discussed the main directions of STEAM education, namely: S – science; T-technology (technologies); E – engineering (engineering); A – art (art); M- mathematics (mathematics).  During the conference, 7 Scientix Ambassadors shared their experience and practical skills. All participants had the opportunity to take practical cases for use in these lessons with the students.

Olha Doskochynska, Scientix Ambasador in Ukraine
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