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I am a Turkish Language and Literature teacher. "One thing from everything, everything from one thing" is the sentence I take as an example. I believe that the literature course is of great benefit to the STEM approach.

Let’s go to the moon

          Abstract  :

 Jules Verne’s novel “From the Earth to the Moon” will be read and students will be asked to design rockets.

NEWTON’s Laws of Motion -Explain the relationship between the concepts of force, acceleration and mass.
Explain action-reaction forces with examples.
Determines the direction of the net force and calculates its magnitude.
Make calculations about the motion of the object under net force.
Mathematical model
Students are enabled to obtain the mathematical model between impulse and momentum by making use of Newton’s second law of motion.
Literature and language:
To be effective communicators by using listening, reading, writing and speaking strategies correctly and appropriately, Developing their reading comprehension and critical reading skills through texts and gaining the habit of reading, To answer questions, to produce solutions, to share their findings, etc., obtained from various sources analyze and evaluate for purposes  
TopicThe novel “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne is read. Then the class is asked the question: “The story is also notable in that Verne attempted to do some rough calculations as to the requirements for the cannon and in that, considering the comparative lack of empirical data on the subject at the time, some of his figures are remarkably accurate. However, his scenario turned out to be impractical for safe manned space travel since a much longer barrel would have been required to reach escape velocity while limiting acceleration to survivable limits for the passengers.” If you were, what kind of rocket would you send to the Moon?  
The Project Gutenberg eBook of From the Earth to the Moon, Direct in  Ninety-Seven Hours and Twenty Minutes: and a Trip Round It, by Jules Verne
The image : http://www.gutenberg.org/files/44278/44278-h/44278-h.htm
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Life Away

In this lesson plan, it is aimed to provide students with an interdisciplinary perspective, 21st century skills, creating solutions to daily problems by using STEM fields (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with an interdisciplinary perspective, and gain analytical and design-oriented thinking skills. The plan has been prepared according to the 5E model. Research, solution generation and critical thinking processes were added to the plan.

Andy Weir’s novel “MARSLI” has been read. Based on the novel; In order to solve the problem that will arise with the depletion of resources in the world, the scenario of “building a living space on a planet with new resources” is given.

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