About pinararisoy

I have been working as a classroom teacher for 16 years. I have a lot of work in the STEM field.

STEM Designin Workshops for Sustainable Life Awareness in the Nature


Web sites: http://surdurulebilirlikicinstem.org/

Movie For Sustainablity FOR STEM Workshops


In this project, our students in the center aim at a level related to the CSO workshops between disciplines of ‘Sustainability’, which is open to descent and generating solutions in a central and integrated approach in resources. . This goal-oriented project has two objectives:

  1. To provide students with the concept of yaşam sustainable life alan in the world agenda and rapidly entering education curricula
  2. While developing this awareness, STEM workshops enable students to develop a analytical and scientific perspective on sustainability issues.

Among the Sustainable Goals, especially to reach food, clean water, health services, affordable and clean energy (SDG, 2,6,7), but also to protect ecosystems and reduce climate change (SDG 14,15,13), for sustainable cities and living spaces Making smart city designs (SDG 11) is within the scope of STEM education applications. In line with this data, STEM education has been seen as an appropriate method for students to acquire the 5 goals chosen to work in this project from the Global Goals with an interdisciplinary approach and by doing. The general purpose of this project is to enable students to gain awareness of sustainable life at an early age and to develop their ability to produce scientific solutions to problems in line with awareness through STEM education.

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