Interlevel STEAM lesson with Voronoi Diagrams

Author: Rafael Montero

At Corazón de María School we want our students to develop 21st Century competences and we believe that learning by doing is the best way to achieve this objective. Therefore, in the frame of the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign, students from Grade 11 (16 years old) were tasked with creating and developing a STEM lesson plan that had to be implemented with students of Grade 4. Five students from the Grade 11 subject Scientific Culture were tasked to design a 50 minutes lesson where they would show the Grade 4 students what are the Voronoi Diagrams and how frequently they are used in our daily lives, and also how to use their geometry set (compass, set squares and ruler) to create Voronoi Diagrams. They prepared a PowerPoint presentation and had the help of the Technical Drawing Teacher (a subject that is taught in G11 and G12). On 19th February 2020, they implemented their lesson with the G4 students with great success.

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