Thank you!

200 inspirational blog posts by 94 different educators all around the world have now been published on the #STEMDiscoveryWeek blog! That’s amazing and it is all thanks to all those dedicated educators who have contributed to this blog with original articles about their activities. Big thanks go to everyone who have blogged here and/or supported this year’s campaign in any other way!

No new entries will be published from now on (until next year?), but you are still able to read all the posts that have been published so far for inspiration and ideas here! You can also still comment on those posts that have been published and engage in discussions with other bloggers here.

Please make sure you keep your account details and login for next year! This is the first time that participants in the campaign are invited to blog about their activities as part of the STEM Discovery Week, and it has clearly been successful as interest from educators shows. The blog is a perfect platform for sharing ideas, perhaps for the years to come as part of the STEM Discovery Week?

This year’s edition of the STEM Discovery Week is a record holder in terms of its participants’ level of interest and engagement. There were:

  • Over 800 activities organized,
  • in 40 countries across Europe and the world,
  • 200 blog posts already published on the STEM Discovery Week blog by 94 different authors,
  • more than 120,000 teachers, pupils and other people participating in activities.

Can we make STEM Discovery Week 2019 even more successful?

Stay tuned for news about the STEM Discovery Week on the online portal of Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, here.

See you next year!

539 activities registered for STEM Discovery Week in 34 countries before we kick off on Monday!

539 activities in 34 countries are now published as part of the STEM Discovery Week campaign! The goals that were set for the campaign have, therefore, already been reached, namely to publish at least 500 activities in STEM education that are organised as part of the STEM Discovery Week.

Thanks for your dedicated support to the campaign and for spreading the message! Your support has been essential to the success of this campaign!

Now there are 21 projects, 37 organisations and 32 schools confirmed as official partners of the STEM Discovery Week. And more partners are joining us every week!

Please note that anyone can still upload activities to the map and we would of course like to see as many of them ass possible before we kick off on Monday 23 April.

Next week, during the STEM Discovery Week, we will connect live via video to selected activities happening in different countries in Europe! We have published a provisional calendar on the Scientix website with the scheduled video streams, here:

In addition, several webinars are scheduled for STEM Discovery Week that you may want to attend and/or share.

First, Scientix and STEM Alliance are organising a webinar at 17:00 CEST on 26 April. During this webinar, we will talk about how companies can help schools to promote girls‘ participation in STEM. Sarah Atkinson, Vice President, Communications and Executive Sponsor for Gender Diversity at CA Technologies, EMEA, and Sara Cardeira, who is is part of the Corporate Citizenship team of IBM in Portugal, are speakers during the webinar.

Read more about the webinar and register, here:

Second, the Education Gateway is organising a webinar on STE(A)M education on 25 April at 17:00 CEST. The speaker at this webinar is Kristóf Fenyvesi, PhD, who is a researcher of STEAM Trans- and Multidisciplinary Learning and Contemporary Cultural Studies in Finland, at University of Jyväskylä’s Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies.

Read more about the webinar and register, here:

We look forward seeing your activities next week and keep sharing the word about the STEM Discovery Week using the official hashtag: #STEMDiscoveryWeek

A growing STEM Discovery Week campaign every year

This is the third time the STEM Discovery Week is organised. This year, one of the main aims is at bringing projects, organisations and schools together to raise awareness about studies and careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). And it is fun to see how more and more partners are joining the campaign every week!

Thanks the initiative and support from the Scientix project, which is funded by the Horizon 2020 framework of the European Union for research and innovation, and SYSTEMIC, which is funded by the Erasmus+ programme, it is now possible to have a platform where various partners can share their activities in STEM education. Thus, the various projects, organisations and schools that are running initiatives in STEM education, can better learn from each another and pool their resources.

A campaign like the STEM Discovery Week is very important for increasing and strengthening collaboration in the field of STEM education. The hope is that this year, the STEM Discovery Week can facilitate 500 activities in STEM education, reaching 10,000 schools. For this to happen, a support from partners is essential. Already we can see how more and more such activities are being added to the map. So, in this one place, the STEM Discovery Week partners and anyone else who is following the campaign can find and/or add information about STEM activities all across the world!

Right now, the STEM Discovery Week is proud to present a diverse mix of partners that come from many different countries in Europe and beyond. All the partners agree to jointly disseminate the campaign through their networks, hence creating a multiplier effect that goes way beyond their area.

The lesson from this campaign so far is that projects, organisations and schools can achieve much more in partnership. Hopefully, the STEM Discovery Week can become a sustainable model for raising awareness about STEM topics as an integral part of our annual calendars. Download the call for projects and organisations to find out how you can become a partner here.