Challenge” My city” and “My dream city”

Author: Rovena Hoxha, “Flatrat e dijes” school

Students often ask me: “How can we clean up the air and how can we reduce air pollution levels in our city?”

I offered them a challenge: “My city” and “My dream city”.

After describing the city they asked me: “What can we do to help our city to survive?”

I decided to explain to them through different interactive techniques what climate change really is.

Understanding the climate change, firstly, we need to understand the atmosphere. It is the atmosphere, which surrounds the Earth like a bubble, that protects us from the harshest rays of the sun and releases extra gases into space. The burning of fossil fuel such as oil and gas produce greenhouse gases, which trap the heat from the Sun in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The consequences of climate change include health risks through rising air temperatures, an increase in hunger, extreme weather conditions. That’s why it is important to empower ourselves to protect the planet so we can feel like we’re making a difference.  

Let’s start by challenging ourselves to find 10 ways to use less power in our everyday life!

  • This could be turning off the lights. 
  • Unplugging chargers when not using them or riding bikes more.  
  • Emphasizing the importance of working together to solve problems, enables us to develop and strengthen a family composing plan.

We were building up our dream city with recyclable materials.

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