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Semih ESENDEMİR, a science teacher, was born in 1986 in Eskişehir. He graduated from Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Science and Technology Education Department As a result of the training and projects he developed, ESENDEMİR has gained the chance to represent his country in two important European projects. The information about these projects is as follows: • Represented his country as the only Turkish teacher who succeeded in participating in the International Teacher Program (ITW), organized by CERN (European Nuclear Research Center) between 4-17 August 2019. After a two-week training, he returned to his country as CERN Science Ambassador. • Esendemir was chosen delegates to Turkey with his project "Ionic Bonding Puzzle" at the Science on Stage Festival organized by Turkey in the 3rd National Science Festival and also in Portugal between 31 October 2019 - 03 November 2019, he subsequently represented his country at the Science on Stage Europe Science Festival and Contest. In recent years, he has participated in Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and Ministry of National Education (MEB) supported teacher training and continues his personal and professional development. In addition, as a Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE), he volunteers coding training in the Habitat association.


Author: Semih ESENDEMİR

Within the scope of the “STEM Discovery Campaign 2020” organized by Scientix in European countries, I, as a science teacher at Emine Emir Şahbaz Science and Art Center, organized an online STEM activity “Don’t Fear Be Aware” with my students being 9 to 12 years old between 20 – 26 of April, 2020.

My aim in organizing this activity was to develop scientific and engineering process skills by directing my students to research, questioning, and design with the online STEM event that I organized during these difficult times when I am separated from my students. To achieve this goal, I dealt with the earthquake, one of the most significant natural disasters that concerns our country. Due to its geographical position, Turkey is a country located in the world’s most important earthquake zones. Compared with countries located in earthquake zones, Turkey takes place in the front row in terms of life and property losses caused by the earthquake. I believe that it is necessary to raise awareness about earthquakes at a young age to change this situation. I wanted to raise this awareness with this STEM activity where my young students could grasp the earthquake dynamics, learn how to measure the earthquake, and discover how to design earthquake-resistant buildings.

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Author: Semih ESENDEMIR


As a science teacher, I organized an online activity called “Bioeconomy for a Sustainable Future” with my students ranged in age from 9 years to 12 years between 6 – 19 April 2020. At the end of this activity, students are expected to learn the concept of bioeconomy and increase their awareness of bioeconomy. I believe that this awareness will have a great share in creating environmental awareness among students who will shape our future. I started my activity by introducing the concept of bioeconomy, a new concept for my students. I tried to draw attention by giving examples of the positive changes that can be achieved by using bioeconomy in our lives. To keep the attention and desire on the subject, I prepared videos, discussions, online educational materials, games, and experiments to prevent Covid-19 pandemic by preparing disinfectant from organic waste.

Figure 1: Preparation of citrus peels for bio-based disinfectant production

As a result of all these entertaining activities, my students actively participating in the process have recognized the concept of bioeconomy and have contributed to bioeconomy by transforming the organic waste they collected in their homes into new products that can be used. As a result of the feedback of my students, seeing that they look at their environment from a different perspective shows that this activity has reached its goal. I am more hopeful about the future.

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Alp Aviation
Making a glider

Within the scope of the Scientix Project, we, 30 Ağustos Secondary School, carried out a two-day project called Flight Mode on STEM Education Discovery Week between 22-30 April 2019 in order to encourage students to interrogate, investigate, produce and make inventions in European countries.

The general purposes of our project are; to instil the love of aviation to our students, to increase their knowledge about aviation and to have knowledge about the branches of aviation. In order to realize our goals, we have brought together the four important disciplines of STEM education by associating the developing aviation industry and technologies of our country with Science and Mathematics courses.

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