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Can you make art with STEM?

Throughout history, artists have used materials in nature as a tool for themselves. We can be inspired by nature in our activities. People discovered nature. It obtained paint from plants in nature hundreds of years ago and used it in many areas. Our high imagination, curiosity and needs encouraged us to make inventions and obtain products.


We organized Nature-Based activities. We asked the students to explore nature and what they could do with the plants they found. As children make their own products, their interest in science and art increases. We created a problem situation for them. We waited for them to produce solutions. The age group of our activity is 4-6 years old and it continued for 2 days. It reached 8 students and 10 teachers in 95 schools in Turkey.


1- Integrating 21st-century skills into lessons
2- To give children a love of nature
3- Developing children’s imagination and creativity
4- Encouraging children to make inventions
5- To reveal the child who has an interest in art
6- To gain STEM skills

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STEM ADVENTURE BEGINS – Heritage of the Future – Our Seeds


An increase in air temperatures, an increase in carbon dioxide ratio, melting of glaciers, an increase in storms, drought and desertification have revealed the reality of climate change. In order for our world to be livable in the future, it is necessary to raise awareness for the fight against climate change. For this, relevant gains should be provided at a young age.

Climate change is a problem that affects all countries of the world. Decrease in water resources, deterioration of soil quality and ecosystem, decrease in biological diversity, decrease in quality in agricultural production, fertilization and spraying problems occur. It has created anxiety for the future in people. With this activity, we aimed to raise awareness of pre-school children (4-6 years old) about climate change, to gain the importance of recycling, to establish seed banks, to make compost from household wastes, to make mini-agriculture in our homes and to observe the formation of plants.

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