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I'm scientix ambassador. I live in the city of Afyon in Turkey. I am a primary school teacher. I completed my master's degree in Education Programs and Instruction. I m willing to improve my teaching skills

Say ”Stop The Light Pollution”

I applied this learning scenario originating from Nature Based Solutions Mooc between April 21st and April 26th. My students had the chance to find solutions to light pollution using recycled materials.

Light pollution affects many living things in nature. Therefore light pollution and recycling are very important issues for the creatures in nature. Some species are becoming extinct due to light pollution. For example, beacuse of the light pollution the water turtles are heading for the land instead of the sea and it is a threat to their future. Similarly, many living and hunting animals at night cannot find prey due to light pollution. These problems also negatively affect the natural balance. Understanding recycling and gaining sensitivity to nature is an important skill for students to learn for a sustainable society.

In this learnning senario

Students ages: 7-10

Teaching time: 6 hours

Online teaching materials: Canva, Jigsawplanet, Learning apps, Kahoot, Google docs

Materials: Pieces of wood, iron pipe, straw, plastic bottle, cardboard cup, cable, light, wire, bulb

Project based learning(PBL) and STEM techniques are used.

At the end of the learning scenario students will be able to:

  • Explain  negative effects of the light pollution on wildlife and the observe the celestial bodies.
  • Realize the importance of resources and recycling necessary for life.
  • Solve the problems related to calculating the circumference of the shapes, which take millimeters from the standard length measurement units.
  • Recognize the circuit elements that make up the simple electrical circuit with their functions.
  • Build a working electrical circuit which includes engineering and technology skills.
  • This learning scenario has been applied in online lessons due to my pandemic process.
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