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Hello, I am Serkan TOPBAŞ. I'm a primary school teacher. I also work as a STEM Educator Trainer. Scientix'm ambassador to Turkey



STEM refers to a process where we produce solutions to daily life problems beyond interdisciplinary work in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Therefore, it is our most important responsibility to be with our students when they face the problems of daily life.

Our most important problem today is that our colleagues and children in Ukraine are being persecuted before the eyes of the world.

As the STEM Applications With ADDIE Project team, we asked our students a daily life problem. They told us about the invasion of Ukraine. When we asked what kind of a solution we could come up with, they said that we could build a bridge that would save them and support them.

Based on this great idea, we built bridges of love, peace, and friendship from our countries to Ukraine with the participation of many European countries.

With an international and intercultural perspective, our students experience both the happiness of working with each other and the pride of producing solutions to problems.

Analyzing the problem and producing alternative solutions in problem-solving processes is the most important skill to be taught today.

With this activity, our students did not only do a STEM activity but also a peace movement. It was very important to be able to write peace to their small hearts and big ideas with such a job.

Our project not only developed a training program but also carried out important studies in STEM discovery week activities by producing solutions to problems in cooperation. We just wanted to share the bridge of friendship with you.

Wishing for a world where friendship and peace prevail…

Geko’s STEM Discovery Week Adventure

Our STEM SURVIVOR Project aims to increase our students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and to provide a more qualitative integration of STEM disciplines. In doing so, it uses stories written specifically for our project. Gecko, the hero of our stories, which is the starting point of our project, is a small lizard who loves to explore. He and other contestants came from all over the world and competed in seven regions of our beautiful Anatolia. They tried to win the race by overcoming the difficult conditions that awaited them in each region. Now it’s the time to participate in a competition in honour of STEM Discovery Week, attended by all European friends. Let’s see what little Gecko will do.

In this study, a problem was first identified. In order to solve the determined problem, first of all, the task distribution was made among the teachers. According to this task sharing, the problem situation was presented to the students and online competition was organized. During the competition, all teachers became observers.

The pictures are the author’s own– (Attribution CC-BY)
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