About strajkovic

Sladjana Trajković, a mathematics teacher from Niš, is employed at the "Svetozar Marković" Gymnasium and the Technical School. I want to show the students the beauty and importance of mathematics with various methods, which I manage to activate all students: Skype classes with students from other schools in Serbia and throughout Europe; game shows; mathematics class at the archeological site and astronomical station, represents the application of mathematics in forensics with forensic scientists, and much more. I am the author and one of the implementers of many activities in the Archaeological Park Plocnik. We should single out the Great Neolithic Scientific Party, which has been realized for three years during the month of May - the month of museums and mathematics, I love summer day in the Neolithic, Logarithms in archeology, Logarithms in the country.

Math in the Gamification World

In math classes, we wanted to examine the application of isometric transformations in everyday life.
Studying isometric transformations in school, the goal was to study them through various examples in everyday life, but the emphasis was placed on the application of isometric transformations when creating computer games.
Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation due to the Covid-19 virus, schools in Serbia implemented regular classes online during this period, which is why it was necessary to design the activities that were planned to be implemented a little differently. In other words, all activities were implemented online, so we used different tools just like GoogleMeet, GeoGebra.
Activities were implemented in the period from 1 to 30 March 2021.

The activities included several phases:
• Defining terms: isometric transformation, types of isometric transformations
• Isometric transformations in everyday life
• Kaleidoscope and symmetry
• Application of isometric transformations in creating computer games
• Presentation of students’ works

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