Online tools and resources in the implementation of STEM activities

In our century ,the STEM projects and activities have gained a lot of ground in our schools and they are more and more appreciated . I have done many activities at my class ,and the childrens are always happy, because it is very easy to create games on a STEM topic. Along the way I have used tools as: Kahoot, LearningApps, WordWall, Moodle, Padlet, H5P, Wordcloud, Microsoft 365, G suite, MozaBook, Minecraft education edition, StoryJumper, Scratch, Canvas, White board, OpenBoard, I am a puzzle, and more online tools. From my experience ,the childs will understand better if the lesson has all the possible tools that can be added for them. Through collaboration and using the online tools within the STEM lessons, the students will prepare for life and face challenges!

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