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My name is Tanja Olear Gojic. I am teacher in primary school, Scientix ambassador, MIE expert and coordinator of Mensa Serbia for children called UcenIQ. I live in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Clicking – we play with smart toys and develop brains

On the occasion of the STEM Discovery Week 2019 and the Brain Awareness Week, which is celebrated from 11th-17th March in the whole world, on March 14th, Mensa Serbia (UcenIQ) organized a workshop for children with STEM concept.

Children had the opportunity to try the games with “smart toys” during the workshop. The first part of the workshop was dedicated to the game “Language Puzzle”, whose author Klea Kolaric was a special guest. Children especially liked her competitive character: the combination of letters and the conclusion of the word.

But the combinatorics on word could not be compared with the excitement brought by the creations using the GEOMAG magnets. We created geometric structures and learned about the properties of a magnet.

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Play and explore electricity and magnetism, STEM workshop for children at Mensa Serbia


To celebrate STEM Discovery Week at Mensa Serbia, we organised on Saturday 28.4.2018 a STEM workshop for children from 7 to 12 years named “Play and explore electricity and magnetism”. This workshop organised my colleague Mirjana Tisma and I, as founder of SIG UcenIQ (Special Interest Group) at Mensa Serbia. Our SIG is dedicated to students and improvements of IQs.

Throughout the game and the exploration of objects surrounding us, we experimented with them by drawing conclusions about electricity and magnetism. By using a real electric circuit and magnets, we explored materials around us and sorted them into insulators and conductors, metals and non-metals.

We recorded our observations as true scientists in order to draw conclusions about the phenomena around us.

We used one of the Univ. of Colorado’s Phet simulations which you can find on Go-lab , to conduct an inquiry lab involving electricity.

Using special (free) simulations, we presented the children closer to what the naked eye can not see – the amount of charge and the electric field, as well as the direction of the current flow. Thus we present the possibility of better learning through the use of ICT this time through research on the simulation.








How will we celebrate STEM Discovery Week 2018

As a Scientix ambassador, I decided to give my contribution to celebrating STEM Discovery Week 2018.

As technology dominates our lives, learning basic computer programming isn’t just a smart idea, it’s an essential skill for grown-ups and children alike.
Learning how to build simple codes and their games and Pixel Art, helps kids refine their design, logic, and problem-solving abilities. It also allows them to express ideas and creativity in unique ways. For that we don’t need technology. Because I love coding.

I love science because it allows children to be curious and discover the world around them, to observe, discover, spot and conclude in an interesting way because they are working through the game.

We will organise several events in different places and cities

1. STEM workshop: “From drawing to programming” at Mensa’s Projects’ Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia

This workshop is for pre-schoolers. During our workshop, we will play and code with educational robots DOC. This is just a small part of the project “From Drawing to Programming”, which started as an eTwinning project.

2. Find your code, workshop at ,,Dragan Lukic” Primary school, Belgrade, Serbia

This workshop is for school children from 1st to 4th grade. During our workshop, we will play and code with unplugged games, cards and educational robots like DOC or Lego Boost. This is just part of the eTwinning project in which we participate as a school.

3. Say yes to STEM with Scientix and Go-lab – lecture for teachers in ,,Dragan Lukic” Primary School in Belgrade

I will show to my colleagues, primary school teachers, what is the Scientix portal and what it offers to teachers and students. All teachers with interest in STEM courses will meet the European community of science education. They will be guided to register on the Scientix portal, and get to know the basic features it provides with materials for teachers, webinars and courses. They will be presented with the Go-Lab platform with special reference to interactive simulations.

4. Play and explore, workshop for children in Mensa Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

We will play with things around us and trough experimentation and simulation we will get conclusions about electricity and magnetism. Using the Go Lab platform, we will present the opportunity to children to learn better using simulations. One such simulation is Circuit Construction Kit: DC. Using real electric circuit and magnet we will explore materials around us.

STEM workshop: From drawing to programming at Mensa’s Projects’ Fair in Serbia

In Novi Sad, a city in Serbia, on Sunday 22nd April 2018, we presented our work at the STEM workshop “From Drawing to Programming” at Mensa’s Projects’ Fair in Serbia.

This was a workshop for pre-schoolers that I made together with Mirjana Tišma. During our workshop, we played and coded, using educational robots DOC. This is just a small part of the project called “From Drawing to Programming”, which started as an eTwinning project.

This workshop was organised as part of SIG UcenIQ (Special Interest Group) in Mensa, Serbia, in which I am a coordinator. Our SIG is dedicated to students and improvement of IQs.

Children learned how to command the robot to reach a specific destination. The basic commands that are circled are: forward, turn left and turn right

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