About tcetinerdumbulu

Hello, I am Türkan ÇETİNER DÜMBÜLÜ. I live in Şanlıurfa Siverek. I am a technology and design teacher. I am Scientix ambassador of Turkey. I apply STEM plans in my classes. Open to development, I love to learn new information. I work in an institution where gifted students are educated. I'm 37. I'm married I have two kids.

Space Architects


This Learning Scenario firstly aims to give students the ability to use 3D learning, imagination and creativity. They will then learn about habitats in Space. And it will learn how to use content, mathematics, engineering, technology, and science. It will also introduce the emergence of architectural structures. As a result, students will establish interdisciplinary relationships and relate them to real life, creating products using their imagination and creativity.


Our subject is to provide architectural design understanding. To establish interdisciplinary relationships. It is the design of living spaces.

The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
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My kite is in the sky


This activity is aimed to present a product by using STEM + A disciplines. For this, an activity including STEM + A disciplines has been chosen. Firstly, students will understand the importance of balance and the structure of materials in science. Secondly, they will grasp geometric shapes and use them to create a product. However, they will apply the joining methods from engineering skills. As a result, they will realize what materials a kite can use to take off. Because the material is very important for a kite to stay in the air for a long time. At the same time, students will understand the importance of balance for taking off your kite. As a result, getting the joining done right the students will realize its importance in the creation of the kite.

The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
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