About uguzel

Physics Engineer/teacher. Physics PhD candidate


                                      From Electric Field To Nanotechnology

                                             From Pre-school to University

                                             Science Inspired by Spider!

Teachers: Ayşin Kahramantekin, Ceyda Nur Yılmaz, Umut Güzel, Onur Kırık, Umut Kanya

How do spiders spin extremely strong and long fibres only a few nanometers thick? May it have to do with electric charge?

Spiders and electricity

Yes! Spider spins silk fibers only a few nanometers thick with electric charge.

So, can we make a simple cell phone battery with aluminium foil and stretch film, charge it, and measure the electric field? Yes, our students just did that! From pre-school to high school!

About our project

We, as educators from different cities, were very happy to adopt the same STEM plan to different levels from pre-school to university, and implement it enthusiastically and in cooperation. It has been a magical learning journey for students and educators.

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