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From Household Waste To Sustainable Living

The products and materials we do not need, which are described as garbage that have fallen out of use in our homes, are called household waste. Products such as cardboard, books and pharmaceutical waste are classified as domestic waste. These wastes, which are less harmful to the environment than industrial and electronic wastes, may cause environmental pollution. Domestic wastes, which also cause visual pollution, are sent for recycling.

The increasing rate of urbanization has caused the increase in the amount of domestic wastes generated in the cities and change their composition, thus creating a problem that is difficult to control, and on the other hand, it has turned into a great economic value.

The production of non-recyclable packaging paper is one of the largest manufacturing processes in which fossil fuels are consumed globally. Cutting large amounts of trees for production (17 trees per 1 ton of paper) causes an increase in carbon emissions. In addition, paper packaging wastes have a significant place in the composition of garbage and constitute an important part of the volume problem in waste landfills. Therefore, it is important to prevent and reduce the generation of paper packaging waste.

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Polar glaciers are losing space, and land glaciers continue to melt around the world. This event shows that ecosystem change is starting to accelerate.

Although our world has been exposed to climate changes due to natural causes in the past, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, human beings increasingly continue to release CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by using fossil fuels.

Therefore humankind urgently needs to review this and similar patterns of behaviour that increase climate change and threaten our Earth. Climate scientists acknowledge that it is not possible to stop or reverse climate change, but it is argued that reducing emissions of greenhouse gases can overcome global warming.

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