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First of all,I am a Math teacher who likes to learn,develops oneself,is open to innovations,follows technology and working on STEM so that I can encourage my students to have a career on STEM subjects in their future lives.I am Scientix and FCL Ambassador .At the same time I am a mentor of FRC Robotics team called rOctopus 7134. Second I try to make Math funny and interesting by using different methods and techniques like role playing games,Virtual simulations,field visits,drama,using responsive applications like Kahoot.I create hands-on ,interactive learning experiences to get my students excited about Science. My school is l Köşk is one of the district of the Aydın.There are 248 students, 20 teachers, a director and an assistant director in my school.

Improve Students’ Competence With STEM Challenges Related To SDGs

Author: Zeynep Ceren ÇİFTSÜREN

I work in a rural school where students come from immigrant families. The parents’ economic level is usually very low. The majority of my students don’t have technological tools (computers, laptops,etc.) at home. Even though most of my students’ families have smartphones, they do not have a proper Internet connection.

Now consider my mood! I was really shocked when I first heard that schools were closing. How would I reach my students? Of course, I had my students’ phone numbers and a WhatsApp group. But this was not enough for online teaching.

So what am I going to do in this process? Of course, we can work on SDGs! Our school was involved in the Sustainable Development Goals Project and Climate Action Project. My students had a certain level of knowledge about global issues.

So I decided to prepare STEM Challenges related to SDGs for them. I used Google Slides for these events. This Google Slides tool is interactive and there is a possibility to upload videos too. At the same time, I prepared the infographics of all STEM Challenges. I shared Google Slides named Improve Students’ Competence With STEM Challenges Related To SDGs” and infographics via WhatsApp group, uploaded them on Google Drive, via email and posted them on the school website. Our activities were held on 20 – 30 April 2020.

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