About zeyneper

I work as a science teacher at Geyve Kız Anadolu İHL Science and Social Sciences Project School. All the students in my school are girls.

Families Meet STEM

All the students in our school are girls. When I entered the classes, I realized that their engineering skills were very weak, and they also had difficulty in fulfilling the assigned tasks. They were also weak at working together. Thinking that there might be a disadvantage brought by the distance education process, I spent a period of time doing various activities (group work, simple challenges…). However, when I met with the families of the students, I realized that the problems did not seem to be solved only with the activities held at school. I thought why not do STEM studies with families. I planned the event in two stages. In the first place, we held an event with the girls and their fathers. In the second stage, we held an event with mothers and daughters. As I worked with different family members in the stages, I differentiated the activities and purposes.

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