This is an etwinning project. The name of the etwinning project we are working on is “THE SILENT CALL OF WATER”. There are 137 students and 20 teachers in the project.

Poster of the project

 Water, which forms a large part of the biological structures of living things, is an indispensable vital life support for all living things during periods of coming to earth, growth and development. Water, which is found in the form of solid, liquid and gas in nature, is found in the life of living things with different sources.

  In addition to its chemical and biological properties, water is a source of life value that has been extremely effective in the formation of civilizations and in the formation of geographical and political boundaries.

  It is rare that such abundant water on earth is found in a hygienic structure, especially necessary for people to use. Although three-quarters of the world is covered with water with its visible face, the biggest problem today is the lack of healthy, constantly available water resources.

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