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I work in a kindergarten with children from 5 to 7 years old

The colors of the rainbow

April 27 -April 28

Zhechka Stoyanova


1. Introducing children to the phenomenon – the rainbow

2. Analyzing the phenomenon through experiments in the classroom

3. Drawing a rainbow and preparing an exhibition

Getting to know a fairy tale about colors. Divide into teams of two. Each team must draw one of the colors of the rainbow by lottery and make a solution of watercolor paint. When the teams are ready, they are arranged in the sequence of colors of the rainbow.

Then we experiment with a soap bubble to get a “rainbow at home”. Introduction to the physical phenomenon of a rainbow “How the rainbow appears and why”. Visualization of an interactive whiteboard. Game “It’s a rainbow, it’s not.”

Another experiment with a computer disk and directing light from a flashlight follows.

We experiment with the three main colors and get an arc in a vessel full of water / with a napkin, then with a sheet /.

Drawing – individually. The children from the group, who are 5-6 years old, take part. After the preparation of the exhibition, it is viewed virtually by the parents, and photos from all stages of interaction with the children are published – experiments, experiments, group work and Although the end result was an exhibition of drawings, the children went through a learning process through experience.