If you think that digital innovation can not be female then… meet the Sardinian EFT

Author: Costantina Cossu

We are a group of 4 women, who are part of a 120 Italian teachers group, selected for their skills and innovation capacity. We are skilled tireless warriors, prepared to solve digital-related problems. We are the Territorial Training Team in Sardinia, Italy. We are also part of a regional Coronavirus Emergency Task Force aimed to help schools, teachers and families with distance learning.

We have set up a Helpdesk to support and help teachers. Our tools are videoconferencing tools, smartphones and computers. As territorial training team, we coped with the coronavirus emergency, creating a virtual sharing place for online teaching, a website with many ideas and tutorials and a playlist on YouTube, and we are now turning to social platforms. No school, no teacher or family is left alone. As territorial training team of Sardinia, we are in charge of dealing with the dissemination of the Italian National Digital School Plan.

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Be safe on the roads with STEM

Author: Stavroula Skiada

aplo STEM
Logo made by students

School: 8th Primary School of Nea Filadelfeia, Athens
Participants: students of 4th Grade (9 to 10 years old)
Implementation: 5 – 28 February 2020


This STEM activity is one of the various activities of the European eTwinning project “STEM On Board between Greece, Turkey, Lithuania and Republic of Moldova. The project started in September 2019 and the activity in February 2020. It aims to introduce students to computational thinking and teach them how to proceed from conceiving a concept to creating the right algorithm and planning the construction.

City Safety Activity in a few words:

Following discussion with the school faculty and the STEM teacher, the pupils decided to work on a project focused on Road safety and potential risk moving through the city. Therefore, after collecting information and carrying out a risk assessment regarding issues that citizens face concerning road safety during their everyday transportation, they concluded that one of the most serious problems is their own safety on their way to and from school. Consequently, they suggested an imaginative solution and constructed it using Lego WeDo2 parts: an aerial bridge for cars passing over a zebra crossing designed for students to use in order to reach the school. The last stage of the project was to program a small robot car that crosses the bridge.

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STEM Association and Professions

Author: Umut ŞENCAN

The basis of our eTwinning “STEM Association and Professions” project is STEM education. We organised our project in three different countries. Our project started in September 2019. We are going to finish it in June 2020. We created some very nice STEM activities within this project. We aim to spread information about how to apply STEM in our lessons and how to make a STEM lesson plan. While making STEM lesson plans, we wanted to attract our children’s interest in STEM professions.

One of above-mentioned project’s activities was face-to-face training with our children, conducted in March 2020. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we continued the learning process using the online tools. The beautiful side of our project had emerged during the lockdown.

Our children were given some STEM tasks which they shared with their families and they had a great time. We were very happy that we assigned our children some STEM activities they could perform with their families or on their own. In this way, hey had some STEM practice without teachers. We saw that our STEM project has achieved its goal.

We started to make STEM applications with our 9 to 10-year-old students. We saw that many different products came out. Our children had the opportunity to compare their own products with other products. They saw that the products could be different according to the different characteristics of the cultures and that each group had a different imagination. The products we made commonly were the book of the layers of the Earth. We also wrote poetry and created a game together using a web 2.0 tool.


In March, we introduced our “Sense organs” project to our partner schools. We did it with our students with the help op Zoom and web 2.0 tool.

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Spring Detectives

Author: Michaela Elena Balint

Happy Kids Kindergarten & Discovery Kids Primary School from Ramnicu Valcea, joined STEM Discovery Campaign 2020, as a partner school, for the third consecutive year. “Spring Detectives” started as a regular school project at the beginning of March and only a few days later our teachers were forced by the pandemic to re-organise the project, change plans and move the entire activity to the online environment.

The proposed topics were:

  • Birdology
  • Insectigations
  • Spring’s magical seeds
  • Science in the kitchen,
  • Little Meteorologist
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From Classroom to Google Classroom

Author: Adriana Laze

Being a teacher is not a challenge. It is a multiple challenge.

This is what I have understood during the last years being a part of eTwinning, Scientix and a lot of other European projects.

I am Adriana Laze, a Math teacher from Albania, a Scientix & eTwinning Ambassador.

On 9 March we were notified by Albanian Ministry of Education about closing schools for two weeks. Firstly, as a lot of Albanian teachers, I didn’t know what challenges were waiting for us in future.

My concern lasted only one day. On 11 March, after consulting with European and American teachers in our Facebook group TED Alumni 2020, I had their suggestions on using Classroom Screen and Screencast-O-Matic for creating video learning material for my students. It wasn’t easy. It was my first time. Even though I had a lot of experience in creating tutorial videos for Albanian teachers, knew how to enter and use the eTwinning platform, Powtoon, this was really not easy for me. But this was not the only difficulty.

I needed to shift to, WhatsApp messages, virtual classes, virtual face-to-face communication. After again consulting with my colleagues from Europe and the United States, I decided to explore Google Classroom and Zoom. It was not easy but also not too difficult for me. Very soon I created my virtual classes, organised first metings in Zoom and made a video tutorial video for Albanian teachers. In the video tutorial, I talked about how to combine these two online platforms because the face-to-face communication between students and their teachers is very important.

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