Find out what we breathe and clean it – Nature-Based solution

April 29th to May 10th

What we did in our activity

In our activity, Find out what we breathe and clean it – Nature-Based solution, we explore explanatory videos on air quality and the different possible solutions to improve it, based on natural resources.

Through a small experiment in which a simple paper plate becomes a catcher of polluted air particles, also built by the students, we were able to prove that the air we breathe is not just “clean” air. It is more but it is not seen.

As a solution to help minimize air pollution, we design and build small gardens that can be built in any location, rural or urban.

What materials and resources helped us to implement the (online) activity

The online teaching material that we used was:

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Fashion Show 2021 for Sustainable Life

In recent years, pollution,threatening the environment have been accepted as global problems. With the awareness of the dangers that threaten the environment,countries have assumed responsibilities regarding the environment.To raise awareness of our students about environmental pollution, chemical waste, climate changes, recycling and to participate in sustainable life,the students design their own clothes for Fashion Show from waste materials to create awareness on reuse reduce and recycle .

What are the environmental problems in the world, why we should protect our environment, what should we do to make world a better place? To achieve this, relevant information can be found on the European Commission web page:
This way, students confront topics of environmental problems and solutions.
1. Doing a preliminary study on students’ knowledge using a quiz platform such as Kahoot
2. Watch the movie ‘’2040’’


3. Share additional information on topics of Reuse,Reduce,Recycle issues:

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Art and Science throughout Italy: An Adventurous Journey. Graphene – miraculous 21st Century Material learning scenario in a Journey into Modern Physics.


Within the Skype a Scientist initiative promoted by Scientix EU, we met Federica Beduini P.h.D. who showed us the multiple applications of graphene on April 30, 2021 in a streaming event organized by our scientific high school, Liceo Scientifico di Stato Calini in Brescia (Italy).

The meeting was part of the “Journey into Modern Physics”, in the path of Art & Science and following one of the learning scenarios present in STE(A)MIT – AN INTERDISCIPLINARY STEM APPROACH CONNECTED: Graphene – miraculous 21st Century Material


A streaming seminar with questions and answers via chat has started on the activities of the ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences.

This Institute is dedicated to research in photonics, the science and technology related to light. Since light is a versatile tool that is both precise and delicate, it allows to study and create new technologies in different fields: health, information and energy. For this, we spoke with Federica Beduini P.h.D. about the following themes:

  • photonics and applications in the field of energy and environmental care
  • photonics and health applications
  • photonics and applications in the field of information
  • photonics and nanotechnology
  • photonics and quantum technologies
  • photonics and new materials
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I am writing my own ecostory

what you did in your activity:

 V rámci projektov eTwinning som realizoval aktivity – písanie ekologických príbehov so svojimi žiakmi – tínedžermi. Pred vlastnými aktivitami sme vytvorili veľa myšlienkových máp pre zlepšenie slovnej zásoby týkajúcej sa environmentálnej angličtiny. Hrali združovacie hry, robili základné kroky svojich príbehov, tvorili obrazové slovníky, slogany atď. Žiaci písali tieto príbehy ako komiksy, rozprávky atď. Vyjadrili svoje vlastné názory, svoju tvorivosť, každý z výrobkov žiakov bol jedinečný. Niektoré príbehy boli jednoduchšie – kratšie, niektoré boli bohato „vyrozprávané“. Žiaci často písali o prírode, o znečistení vody a ovzdušia, o ohrozených druhoch zvierat.

The sea eco story

what materials and resources helped you to implement the (online) activity.

Before writing stories, we read some texts in Students ‘book Project about rubbish, about climate changes, animals and about extreme weather. “The magazine Hello” was the good inspiration for teenagers, too. We have  watched some videos on you tube recorded with world´s celebrities:   Nature is speaking , water, Penelope Cruz,  Julia Roberts- Mother nature,

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Together for the Oceans

“Together for the Oceans” is a transversal and multidisciplinary project which aims at the knowledge of seawater environment, encouraging its preservation.

Class lesson


Age of students

We tried it out in two second classes of Primary School I.C. Rende -Commenda “G. Stancati”.

Aims of the project

This project wants to help the students to understand the importance of sustainability.


When the activities took place

The activities started in February and ended in April.

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