We don’t Throw, We Transform

Resources are used unconsciously due to industrialization and urbanization. Therefore, domestic waste is increasing. The increasing waste problem affects the individual, family and society negatively.
With the eTwinning projects I carried out at my school, we aimed to raise awareness about making our world more livable by controlling waste. We reused various wastes (glass, plastic, paper, food, etc.) generated in our house. We enabled students to gain awareness of recycling and to transfer this awareness to their environment.


  1. To increase the awareness of students about recycling.
  2. Understanding that not every waste is garbage.
  3. To ensure that they are individuals who love and care about nature.
  4. It enables them to find solutions to the problems they encounter in daily life.
  5. Learns to use available resources without wasting.
  6. Gains environmental awareness at a young age.
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Science-Mathematics Art Activity:

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This project STEM event is one of the few activities of the European eTwinning project “Discovering STEM in Recycling”, in which Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and North Macedonia participated. The theme of the project is “We learn stem from Recycling”. First of all, we created a STEM center for our classroom to draw attention to the issue of waste.

I’ve prepared our stem corner for our class to draw my students ‘ attention to recycling.
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Discovering Stem In Nature

Discovering Natural Paint Production

Participants: 3-5 years
Application: March 15-31, 2021
Subject Science: Science and nature activity, Art activity

This project STEM event is one of the few activities of the European eTwinning project “exploring STEM in nature”, in which Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and North Macedonia participated. The theme of the project is “We learn from plants”.

While starting…

In this project, we aimed to teach kindergarten students to explore nature and to make natural dyes. We started our project in March 2021. Our natural paint making event was held between 15-31 March 2021. Our work with 19 teachers and 250 students has spread to a wide audience. The aim of the activity is to draw the attention of the students to the chemicals in chemical dyes, to understand the damage that chemical dyes cause to our health and to teach what we can do.

In the first place, we created a root center, prepared a root center with materials such as books, puppets, seeds on the subject to reveal young students’ discovery abilities.
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Genius Engineers of Nature.

I protect Nature with Stem,

This event is the e-Twinning project named I protect nature with stem established by teachers Saliha Candemir- Turkey, Sonata Jonauskine-Lithuania, Meropi Mastori-Greece ,Demet Türkoğlu-Turkey,Tomutase Conder-Romanya,Gülcan Sarıkaya- Ayşin Kahramantekin-Turkey. We implemented the Stem Discovery Week activities by collecting them under 2 main Headings.

Purpose of the project: Our aim is for children to be able to understand the issue of climate change, which is an important and real problem in daily life, and to develop solution-oriented thinking skills by analytical thinking and research.

Student Age: 5

Duration: 30 + 30 + 30 + 20

Event date: April 22 -28, 2021

Real Life Problem:

 Step: 1 Science Integration: Ask what do air conditioners do for us and our world? What do air conditioners do to our world while cooling us down? After the problem, after saying that greenhouse gases prevent the world from breathing by enveloping the world, the video is watched by clicking the link below.


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Production is one of the most important factors for the future of a society. Societies that support their own production have completed the most important step for development. This learning scenario is also celebrated in December each year in Turkey “domestic goods week” is intended to draw attention to domestic production. It is aimed that students
comprehend what production means and design pots that they can make their own production with recycling.


1- Understands the relationship between production and domestic goods.
2- learn the effects of climate change on our environment
3- Solving the problems they encounter in daily life according to the engineering design stages (STEM)
4- To increase the awareness that some of our wastes in our homes will be recycled.

Pots prepared by students
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