Family STEM Night

Why this activity

I organize STEM-themed family nights in our school once a month. As a Scientix Ambassador, these meetings become an excellent way to spread STEM education model to a wider community. Since the STEM Discovery Week takes place in April, I see this as a great opportunity to combine our Family STEM Night activity for April with STEM Discovery Week 2019. In our Family STEM Nights students, teachers and parents meet and they all work together to accomplish the challenges specifically designed for that night. For the STEM Discovery Week 2019, our main scope is to learn about the physics, math, engineering, architecture, design and technology behind geodesic domes and create one as a team..


Our activity began with a short video to attract the participants’ attention. Then we discussed about different roof and ceiling structures through the history such as ancient Greek temples (Parthenon), Egyptian and Mayan pyramids. With this approach we learned more about why the domes are more practical, beneficial, convenient and functional. Many architects and engineers throughout the history like Da Vinci, Mimar Sinan and Buckminster Fuller tried to build large domes to demonstrate their immortal masterpieces. We also examined world-wide famous domes from history to our days like Hagia Sophia, Astrodome, Climatron. (here is the link for the slides)

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Augmented Reality of Social Activities – STEM Discovery Week 2019.

A teacher asked students to solve a problem using technology. Students said that no one reads texts on school boards so they planned to add some interaction to school boards.


Our students researched the ways to interact with photos and text on school boards. Then they came up with the idea of using augmented reality. They used some tools and chose ROAR tool to implement in this project.

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Natural Resources (STEM Discovery Week 2019)

We have organised the STEM Discovery Week 2019 activities in 6 Nisan Anatolian High School. I am going to write about my experiences connected with the activities of bioeconomy.

What is bioeconomy?

Students watched a video about bioeconomy, “The Bioeconomy starts here!” Teacher defined bioeconomy as the production of renewable biological resources and their conversion into food, feed, energy, chemicals and other materials. The EU definition of bioeconomy is “sustainable production and processing of biomass for food, health products, fibre products, industry, and energy”

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Solving problems with use of technology

My students determined a problem and solve it using robotic technologies. I presented renewable energy resources to the students.  I used a web page and asked students to design a model which will use a windmill or a solar battery to produce energy. Students designed models and presented them in a class. Students thought how they can produce energy.

STEM Week 2019 Solving Problems Using Technology

Our activities:

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STEM Discovery Week Belgium: 3 in 1 !

Hello to everyone ! My name is Nathalie and I am the founder of a non profit coding lab for kids in Brussels:

I’ve started this project for my 10-year-old son two years ago. He was a hardcore video-gamer and I wanted him to do something useful out of it, not being only a consumer but to become an true creator of his passion.

So for a year, along with some friends, we provided them every week a two hour class on Scratch to learn the basics of CS thinking, creating their own games : Flappy Bird, Scratch, Mario… and to customize them in a way they would liked it most to play.

It was a real success, kids enjoyed it very much. So since other kids wanted to join, we opened our school.

As for the STEM Discovery Week 2019, the initial idea was to give a conference to bring our project, but also to share our reflections about the tools we use. Because of our deep concern for Big Data issues, we think it’s important to engage some critical thinking about the EdTech tools that are used with children.

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