STEM Discovery Week 2019

I am a vice-principal and a computer science teacher from Turkey. We are organising 3 STEM week activities in 6 Nisan Anadolu Lisesi (6 Nisan Anatolian High School ) between 22.04.2019 and 28.04.2019. Our activities are now in the STEM Discovery Week 2019 Map.

1. Natural Sources

The EU’s definition of bioeconomy is “sustainable production and processing of biomass for food, health products, fibre products, industry, and energy” European Network For Forest Pedagogy, internet-platform that intends to develop as an European-wide forum for information and communication about forest pedagogics, offers basic frames of standards to describe what is required in order to deliver environmental education for sustainable development. The standard describes six steps of pedagogical approaches with activities to increase environmental maturity; learn to enjoy outdoors, experience and observe nature, understand the ecological web, understand the interplay between man and nature, make decisions on environmental issues, be responsible for nature.

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It’s a regular day in a school with defined timetable where subjects are taught in isolation by different subject teachers. You attend a biology class, a chemistry class or a math class and the content seems disconnected to the students. They are studying the topics, attempt an assessment on the same and eventually forget the learning. How do you show to the students that all the content is integrated?

You brainstorm with your teachers who feel the same. They want learning to be deep and long lasting and ‘STEMAGIC‘ is born inspired by the STEM Discovery Week. An attempt to connect topics with each other through meaningful projects chosen by students. We discuss technology, discoveries around us with the students and ask them to research and create it. In the process, they understand the STEM principles around it and connect it to their regular school curriculum.

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This activity has been carried out by a group of fourth-degree students of the ‘IES L’ALLUSSER’ secondary school.

We started the project reading an article about the possibility of building a station on the moon. The objective was to use this station to future expeditions to Mars. In the beginning, four people could live in the station. |

The students started to draw their plans to scale. They based their calculations in the real mesures (we extracted the information from the article that we had read). They drew a plan using ‘GeoGebra’ (a dynamic mathematics software). At the end we made the scale model with ‘Tinkercad’ ( a 3D modelling tool), we converted the file into ‘stl’ format and we printed it.

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SDW 2019 in Azerbaijan

Greetings to everyone. I am Aliya Ahmadova. Finally, SDW 2019, which we long foresee, begins. I am the manager of the “STEM Azerbaijan” project supported by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. As a project manager, I intend to provide active participation of Azerbaijan’s STEM teachers in the STEM Discovery Week 2019 events. For this purpose, we decided to organize the “My best STEM Lesson Plan” competition.

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Apollo 21 mission and beyond…

Although the idea of the project arose in the previous academic year, it is being shaped now.

Apollo 21 Blogmasters Team: Flavia, Alejandra and Elena

One thing that is very important in the realization of a STE(A)M project are the connections that are made between students, teachers, educational community and external agents (scientists, institutions, companies, industries, etc.).

In the definition and design of a project, I like to draw a general guide that allows the natural growth of the project. Throughout the project new ramifications will arise, new ideas will be added and people will be added as collaborators and partners.

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