Make a Paper Mars Helicopter


Students making paper Mars helicopters

Let’s dive into space!

Boundless, fantastic, mysterious – so distant and at the same time so close, so native and at the same time so alien space attracts us, inspires and motivates us to never stop exploring the space around us, ask difficult questions and seek answers, dream of discovering new worlds and believe in the existence of something really unexpected.

If you are interested in space, construction and research, then this post is for you! Our activity today is to create a cardboard rover for our own space mission.

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Space Is Our Future – Fly me to the Moon

The picture is the author’s own- (Attribution CC-BY)

Learning scenario “Mission to the Moon: Fly me to the Moon” By Barry McGuire helped me to develop my own learning scenario in the “Aerospace in Class”

The purpose of my lesson is to involve and stimulate children to learn about rocket flight. The students designed and programmed the rocket to show the importance of aerodynamics. They also learned about various forces that can affect their missiles.

During this lesson, students:

• Identified the main features of rockets designed for space travel

• Identified the design features required for a safe space flight

• Created and made their own rocket

• Tested the flight of the missile they developed and reviewed the findings. The children watched the video “Launch into space”, created by the Airbus Discovery Space Foundation. After watching the video, the students discussed the word “Aerodynamics”. They discussed why one shape is more aerodynamic than another, and where they could see it in the world around them.

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Together to successful communication and learning

The picture is the author’s own- (Attribution CC-BY)

The parent community is an important ally of the school in the education and training of students. Established cooperation of parents, teachers and students helps to create a classroom environment that provides opportunities to meet the needs of a child in cognition, communication and provides free expression in a variety of activities.

Therefore, as part of our project Space Is Our Future, training for parents was conducted. We have reviewed resources that can be considered for the study, research and deepening of knowledge about space. The resources which will give parents and students more inspiration on how to connect science, technology, engineering and math. It will help to find common topics for communication between parents and children, will make their joint leisure rich and complete.

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We travel without leaving our classroom


Cultural life in conditions in a state of emergency situation must be continued. Therefore, an online excursion for students was realized and conducted.

A lesson in a museum is a great opportunity to put school knowledge into practice in an unusual space flight situation. And although the flight is not real yet, the students have to solve real problems.

It was the virtual tour of the National Museum of Cosmonautics named after S.P.Korolyova in Zhytomyr. This is the only one museum of cosmonautics in Ukraine.

The students imagined themselves as brave conquerors of space depths and walked under a huge spaceship, they looked in detail at the fragments of the meteorite, the lunar soil and got to know about food in tubes the astronauts took in their flight.

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