Birds. Green spaces and urban regeneration


One of the roles of teachers is to develop 21st-century competencies in students, and developing environmental awareness plays a very important role. Namely, we are witnessing increasing climate change caused by human impact on nature. Therefore, it is important to make students aware of the importance of thinking and acting in order to improve living conditions and make students responsible citizens.

Since my students are eight years old, I wanted to show them in a simple and close way how important it is to act immediately and continuously. I decided to show them how important birds are in maintaining the ecosystem, how we can help them in the winter when it is cold and when there is not enough food.

We also got involved in the eTwinning project ‘Plants and Animals of the Homeland’, and started research.

The first task was to explore the school environment, to understand what an ecosystem is and how it works using NBS resources, to study plants characteristic of our homeland. Students researched, drew, photographed, and made a video in the AdobeSpark application.

The image is author’s own and has been provided by the author – Attribution CC-BY
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