STE(A)M Solution To Obesity Problem


We created an eTwinning project which to find solutions to the obesity problem and we implemented most of our lessons with distance education.The project also includes healthy living and quality education efforts that are included in sustainable development goals. Because we wanted to increase students 21. century skills as critical thinking,collaboration, creativity,etc. We tried to explain Stem jobs as statisticians, computer programer, electronic engineering, etc.

SCIENCE : In science lesson Our project science teachers Arzu K.(İstanbul) and Eray B.(Samsun) tried to explain on healthy nutrition in the circulatory system and obesity.With distance learning students walked 1000 steps and create healthy plates.

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STEM with Block-Based Coding

Technology is indispensable as a requirement of the 21st century. It will support permanent and meaningful learning in teachers’ technology classrooms. In this direction, the importance of technology integration increases in the teaching of new teaching methods and techniques. We must integrate Innovation and Technology into our education policies and teach our students to code, a requirement of technology. Coding Future with Team 5 Turks and 2 Spanish schools integrated IT programming courses into the eTwinning platform. The students passed on their knowledge to their families.


The aim of this project is for our students to actively participate in the process by exploring project and game-based learning. We create scenarios by associating them with algorithmic thinking and seek solutions. Developing life skills by integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and art with games. It is an important practice to make them understand that games are an educational element. Ultimately, students learn from and teach them to their families.

The pictures are the author’s own– (Atıf CC-BY)
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