Fashion Show 2021 for Sustainable Life

In recent years, pollution,threatening the environment have been accepted as global problems. With the awareness of the dangers that threaten the environment,countries have assumed responsibilities regarding the environment.To raise awareness of our students about environmental pollution, chemical waste, climate changes, recycling and to participate in sustainable life,the students design their own clothes for Fashion Show from waste materials to create awareness on reuse reduce and recycle .

What are the environmental problems in the world, why we should protect our environment, what should we do to make world a better place? To achieve this, relevant information can be found on the European Commission web page:
This way, students confront topics of environmental problems and solutions.
1. Doing a preliminary study on students’ knowledge using a quiz platform such as Kahoot
2. Watch the movie ‘’2040’’


3. Share additional information on topics of Reuse,Reduce,Recycle issues:

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