Virtual Escape Room

Author: Georgina Dimova

Students active participation in the teaching and learning activities is imperative for achieving learning outcomes and acquiring long-lasting knowledge and skills. This is the reason why teachers are always trying to create different activities. They try to implement various teaching strategies in order to raise students’ interest and motivation to learn. This applies not only to classroom teaching, online teaching can be demanding too.

During Covid-19 outbreak many teachers are struggling to find the right way to teach online: to make their teaching interesting and engaging. At first it may seem to be very easy to involve students in online teaching activities since they are ‘digital natives’. They use technology on a regular basis and feel very comfortable ith it. This can be a huge benefit for students, but also a drawback concerning teaching. Sometimes students can find educational tools being boring. The challenge that teachers are facing is enormous. They should find appropriate tools for collaboratio, making the learning process interesting at the same time.

Escape Room as a teaching method

Escape Room is a new method that is finding its way into the classrooms, benefiting from the student’s involvement and their raised interest and motivation for solving given tasks. It was very challenging to use this approach without the possibility of physical involvement of the students. We used the digital version of an Escape Room in order to evaluate students’ knowledge in algorithms.

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