Who is behind the computer? We…your teachers!

Author: Erviola Konomi

The word is confronted now with Covid-19, the school are closed, I hope for your safety and well-being. In this difficult situation, we have tried to stay close to students through online learning.

The EdTechX Global Report in Addressing the Likely Impact of COVID-19 on use of Technology in Education and Training: “The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting containment measures on Education and Training has been enormous. 1.7 bn learners, or 90%, are estimated to be currently learning from home”

According to the Ministry of Education in Albania “… a very significant number of students, parents and teachers are engaged in online lessons: 96.8% of students, 95.3% of parents and 98.7% of teachers”

The situation of pandemic was unexpected and I, like many teachers, found ourselves unprepared and untrained for distance learning.

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Me the A.I #2.0: Artificial Intelligence activity

Author: Georgia Lascaris

Project: Me the A.I #2.0
School: 2nd P.S of Nea Erythraia, Athens
Students: 6th grade
Subject: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Implementation: 12 – 26 February 2020


This STEM activity is one of the various activities of the European eTwinning project “ME THE A.I 2.0” held in cooperation between Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Latvia, Cyprus, and Italy. The project started in September 2019. It aims to introduce students with the basics of Artificial Intelligence through various activities and, more specifically, make them:
1. Realize how AI works, the range of possible AI uses, and its limitations.
2. Reflect on the ethical issues raised by AI (stereotypes, biases, personal data).
3. Explore how it can help humans with solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Machine Learning Model Activity

In the past month, the students were in the activities about the safe use of the Internet. Therefore, we decided to use AI for helping us detect harmful pictures that appear on the Internet. For this purpose, we used the free web tool “Machine Learning for Kids”. The idea was to create and train a Machine Learning Model (M.L) to recognize ‘harmful‘ and ‘harmless’ pictures. And then, code a game in Scratch which would use this M.L to categorize pictures.

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Teaching soft skills through STEM & reading online

Author: Adriana Lefter

My name is Adriana Lefter, primary school teacher in School Elena Doamna, Tecuci – Romania and with my 8 years old students we start a great adventure during this online teaching period.

Starting with the text The Lighthouse keeper`s lunch that we read it online in our meetings, using Google Meet, together and in groups, we explored the text and we carried out various activities. It was a good opportunity for students to communicate in their mother tongue, to express and interpret concepts, thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions in writing activities as well as communicating them in a foreign language for interpretations or translation of words and expressions. They did this creating comics about the text using online tools as toonytool or drawings by hand, and they add them all on Google Classroom, the platform that we use in this period.

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STEM & SDG activities

Author: Erviola Konomi

Healthy food for sustainable Development of planet

Geography, Social Studies, Citizenship
Mathematics, Biology, Economy


The event covers a variety of topics, such as health, food, climate, environment and agriculture. For a healthy diet from sustainable food systems.

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