Justice & STEM Solutions

Justice for All in Community Life

In the society we live in, equal living conditions create a big problem for disadvantaged groups. In the disadvantaged group; There are the elderly, the disabled, and children. People in this group should be given more opportunities. The disadvantaged group should be treated fairly, not equally.
These groups lag behind other people in terms of both their movements and opportunities. Therefore, the disadvantaged group should have privileges.


Within the scope of our eTwinning project ‘Keys Of Life eTwinning Project’, which was carried out with the participation of 6 school teachers and students from 5 different countries; In the 2021-2022 academic year, citizenship education was given to 64 primary school students (Turkey), 17 primary school students (Slovakia), 15 primary school students (Italy), 26 primary school students (Romania), 20 primary school students (Bulgaria).


The aim of this study is to design fair STEM solutions in social life for the students participating in the project. Bringing together the concepts of Justice and Equality with STEM solutions.
Students provided justice STEM solutions to the problems faced by disadvantaged groups in equal situations. https://teacherzeynepoztoprak.weebly.com/keys-of-life-etwinning-project.html 


The students watched Lafounten’s Tale of the Fox and the Stork, which includes the concepts of justice and equality. They learned the concepts of equality and justice.
Students researched the problems of disadvantaged groups in society. With this study, the students saw that the equality in society is a problem for the disadvantaged. They created their problem situations accordingly.


Students developed solution ideas for problem situations. The groups met and discussed their solutions. They searched for similar designs they found.
Students drew their designs at the end of their work.


Students saw that in social life, equality situations are not justice for disadvantaged groups.They empathized with them while making their designs.
They made their designs to make the lives of disadvantaged groups easier.
Students became aware of disadvantaged groups in their daily lives.

Students pictures
Students Works

Watch our students activity on drawing justice an equality: https://youtu.be/C4IG7s0vJvU

Students Works

Magnetic Spacecraft

Our Happy Kids With STEM project aims to increase our students’ interest in science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Apart from this, it is aimed to train students who can think creatively, solve problems and have 21st century skills by integrating STEM disciplines with each other. In our project, Anna discovered a new planet in space. that’s why she wants to send a reconnaissance vehicle to the planet. However, due to the fuel problem, this vehicle has to move without fuel. With a dream she saw, she solved this problem with a magnet. So she invented the magnetic car.

Our Goals

  With this project, we aim to equip our students with 21st century skills. In particular, it is aimed to gain problem-solving skills through project-based learning. Creative thinking is aimed with learning by design. It is aimed to make new designs by using the tools necessary for their imagination and daily life skills. In addition, it is to help the development of hand-eye coordination by making movements that require object control. It aimed to raise awareness about sustainable energy and zero waste. Thus, increasing sensitivity to the framework is among our goals.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Students learn about magnetic energy, repulsion and pull of forces in the field of science. While learning the layers of the atmosphere, he also learns about the clouds. In addition to the concept of time in mathematics, he also learns to measure length. Technology system researches are provided. In engineering, he designs and makes cars that work with magnets. It also develops their vocabulary.


Students’ designs and learning throughout the process are evaluated. They also learn through interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of language development as well as science, mathematics, technology and engineering. With these, it is emphasized that magnetic energy is sustainable energy. It is emphasized that it leaves zero waste.

By Nurcan MANDAL

Scientix Ambassadors