How Do Things Fly Against Gravity?

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Paper planes

Within the scope of Airbus Foundation Discovery SpaceAerospace in Classroom“, we discussed the topic of “The Importance of Gravity and Aviation” with our students at our school with an education that includes models and simulators, and to raise aviation awareness. We examined gravity-defying birds, planes, and helicopters, discovered vehicles that fly against gravity. After examining the flight mechanisms, we designed our own flying objects.

Aim of the lesson / Learning Objectives

Students understand that the gravitational pull between the Earth and the sun and the moon is very important, that it is almost impossible for us to live without gravity. They research birds, planes, and helicopters that snow on gravity and understand how they fly.

Results of the lesson

Students who understand the importance of gravity and discover how planes fly, make and fly their planes with materials in their homes.
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AFDS Series and Chapter

  1. Science of Flight
  2. Aviation Education: How things fly
  3. 10.000 Airplanes up in the Sky
  4. Finding your Way through the Clouds


Nurcan Büyükbayram


This lesson plan takes into consideration the 4Cs of Learning and Innovation Skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity).

Students watch a teacher-led show. It creates ideas of how warm air rises and how planes move in the air. Students will then watch the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space video to understand how the planes fly. They will then create models of their own aircraft and helicopters using 3D Tinkercad designs or recycled materials.


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Planes, Helicopters Thermals, Flight, Instructables, STEAM

Table of summary                  
flying things in nature, Maths – 2D -3D shapes and measuring length ,Science – heat transfer, flight
Age range of students10-15 years old
Preparation timeCA. 30 minutes – print airplane and helicopter PDFs – Print the “Keywords” worksheet – make some spare planes and helicopters (Extra time may need to be considered if you need to go to the art and hobby shop to order online to buy cardboard and necessary materials)  
Teaching time60 mins (two  lesson)
Online teaching material  
Offline teaching materialRecycling cardboard and pet bottles, straws, old toy engines, plastic materials, glue, scissors, rubber.  
Airbus Foundation Discovery Space resources usedBalloons: why do they float?          2.Why birds are made for flying How do airplanes fly? How do helicopters fly?
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