One Seed One Sapling For A World

Event Name-Content: One Seed One Sapling ( Climate Change )

Type of Activity: Science and Nature Art Activity (Integrated Large and Small Group Activity)

In my single seed sapling scenario, we enabled our students to discover and learn what we can do to instill a love for trees, protect our world from the negative effects of global warming, and raise awareness about climate change. We learned the benefits of trees and forests for our world. We made seed balls that cannot be thrown from the accumulated waste paper. We observed our seed balls and acorns, we were responsible for their care. When we reached a sufficient size, we planted them in nature with our families.

Achievement and Indicators:

Motor Development : K4: Makes the movements that require the use of small muscles. ( Pours the objects from the container to the container. Gives the materials to the shape with their hands. It cuts the materials. Bonds the materials)

Cognitive Development : K 2: Predicts about an object / situation / event. ( Tells the guess about the object / situation / event. Examines the real situation. )

K5: Observes the object or entities. (Tells the color of the object / entity.

K 17: Establishes a cause-effect relationship. ( Tells the possible reasons of an event. Tells the possible consequences of an event. )

K 19: Produces solutions to problem situations. ( Tells the problem. Suggests various solutions to the problem . Chooses one of the solutions. )

Language Development : K5: Uses language for communication purposes. ( Participates in a conversation. He tells his feelings, thoughts and dreams .)

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