Find Your Own Direction


Hello to everyone. We are living in two different cities in Turkey to teach three different schools. He is a teacher of Fevziye Dönmez-Social Sciences, Semih Esendemir-Science and Selçuk Yusuf Arslan- Computer Science. As 2 STEM and 1 non-STEM teacher, we implemented our “Find Your Own Direction” lesson plan for Integrated STEM Teaching for Secondary Schools MOOC. We had enjoyable lessons with our students in our practice, both online and face to face. Although we do it according to different schools, we are very happy to be able to realize this practice despite the pandemic. Now let’s move on to the details of the application …

You can access the learning scenario (LS) implemented from this link: “Find your own direction

The Implementation Context and The Narrative

Fevziye Dönmez made your social science-related course face to face, and Selçuk Yusuf Arslan did the computer science-related course remotely. Working in another city, Semih Esendemir, on the other hand, met with the students online with the permission of the school administration and gave the science lesson. As stated in the lesson plan, 40 minutes in 4 sessions, lesson plan in 160 minutes in total. The class in which the application is made is 12 students. Half of the group consists of female students and half of them are male students. The grade level of the group, whose ages are 11-12, is 7. Students have done similar applications before, but not with an interdisciplinary approach. Students can do block-based coding at a basic level. Let’s take a look at the short stories of the lessons.

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