STEM Education vs Traditional Education

Author: Alketa Barjami

For the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign, I organised few activities. They are listed and described below.

“STEM Education vs Traditional Education”

Type of activity or action: Training session
Date: 20/04/2020 – 24/04/2020

STEM helps to turn new ideas into better education. Timely education during PANDEMIC showed that STEM in home conditions, with the presence of the Internet, brought solutions to online education. Traditional education allows the student to receive formal education and teaches to focus on the topic in question.


For me, it was the first time I designed and implemented a lesson plan on Scientix, but it was not difficult … I could enrich it over time. The difficulty for students was that it was the first time they used online tools to build online puzzles. We could apply it for some more projects this month because we needed to learn online more…

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STEM Alliance and Scientix Webinar: How can companies help schools to promote girls in STEM?

Webinar date: 26 April at 17:00 CEST.

Description: Women are still under-represented in STEM occupations and studies, and that is why STEM Alliance and Scientix are putting gender equality in STEM under the spotlight in a special webinar taking place during STEM Discovery Week 2018. This webinar, featuring top company representatives, aims to raise the awareness of teachers and policy makers about what schemes companies are offering to help get girls into STEM careers.

Curious to learn about company schemes and resources teachers and students can directly benefit from? Want to ask your questions directly to our industry representatives? Join us!

Target audience: The webinar is open to anyone interested, but particularly targets teachers and Ministry of Education officials interested in knowing what companies have on offer to help them make STEM studies and careers more attractive to their students, as well as to company representatives interested in learning and being inspired by the schemes offered by other industry partners.

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