Melting Glaciers

The magnificent speed in globalization and technological advances forces us to face social, economic and environmental challenges. These challenges present us with new opportunities. We cannot predict what the future will bring. But we must prepare for the future we cannot predict. Children who started their education this year will become young adults in 2033. Schools can prepare our children for science yet to be discovered, the unpredictable future.

With this learning scenario, our students will be expected to develop curiosity, imagination, flexibility and self-regulation against science and the future starting from early childhood. They will learn to respect and appreciate other people’s opinions, perspectives and values. They will deal with the problems of their families, communities, nations, and planets.

I planned the Melting Glaciers learning scenario as part of the 2021 STEM Exploration Campaign. I planned to involve a total of 53 students, 26 girls and 27 boys, from two different schools (İmran ARSLAN from Zeki Altındağ Primary School and Ayfer AKKUŞ from Alaeddin Primary School), aged 5-8, to this learning scenario. We could not find the opportunity to implement the plan due to the Covid 19 Pandemic conditions. I hope this epidemic will end as soon as possible.

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