Thanks STEM, call me a scientist now!


Navigating to relevant activity searches this week, students focused on demonstrative videos from YouTube.

I call my students # My Innovative Scientix.

Such are they, after they tried to be researchers in the subjects of physics and chemistry this semester. They tried to formulate the generalisation of the experiment and test the jumping hypothesis.

They left … Yes, Yes they left.

The exchange of knowledge about atmospheric printing, fluidity of fluids, proportional ratios in mathematics, and errors made in measurements are unquestionably presented to the cellular apparatus and advertised in social groups.

This exchange continues even more throughout STEM (STEAM) Discovery Week. We are competitive, both within the school, the community and the entire European community throughout this scientific week. In the video, students speak in Albanian, one of the oldest languages ​​in the Balkans, but communication through experimentation makes us understand more.

Children feel motivated, look more beautiful, clearer, do not make mistakes on their experimental performance, do not be fooled by mathematical calculus actions, look nice in the picture that they will create a video for the entire experimental school bank …

How much emotions all groups have been followed by this activity …

The special ones, my Albanian scientists!

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Learning Sciences through practice –

24.04.2018 ora 11

The poor results in national examinations in mathematics and physics made us  encourage the students to learn better the meaning and the use of derived, using practical examples. The mathematics and physics teachers will introduce a mathematical problem with practical applicability. The students give other practical examples and then they will debate on the theoretical applicability of the theme. The main objective of the activity is to improve students’ school results.

Webpage of the activity

Fotografia postată de Voinea Axinte Costica.


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