Author: Betul Esen

We are STEM teachers in Konya Human School Project.

  • Betül ESEN: Mathematics teacher
  • Filiz ŞENTÜRK: Mathematics teacher
  • Ülkü KALE KARAASLAN: Preschool teacher

Our aim is to increase the interest of teachers, families, and children, who are our education stakeholders, in STEM fields and to develop 21st-century skills. It is very important for us that our children develop their creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, cooperation, critical thinking, problem-solving skills with their family.

Schools have been vacationed in our country due to the Covid-19 outbreak since March 23, 2020. In this process, schools, teachers, students, and parents adapted to the distance education process and started online education. As STEM teachers, we organized live broadcasts via Instagram to reach families and teachers in our city and carry out useful STEM activities with their children at home.

We shared with the necessary materials on social media before the live broadcasts. When the live time came, the children completed the event with their parents at home. After live broadcasts, they shared photos of their work with us at home. In this conclusion, we conducted 3 live broadcasts between 1 April 2020 and 24 April 2020.

Here is our Instagram page.

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