The next generation of solar energy technology

Knowledge constructed by experience is a lived knowledge, full of emotions and reasoning, very close to what we mean by wisdom. It is a deep and enduring knowledge

There is a growing need in human societies for the use of an alternative, sustainable, renewable and clean energy source. The present Nature Based Solutions Learning scenario aims to demonstrate that it is possible to capture, concentrate, transform and store solar energy more cleanly and efficiently than actually is. The new technology can contribute to the well-being of humanity, ensuring the sustainability of our planet.

Subjects: Ecology; Electricity; Botany; Topics: Sustainable management of energy resources; electric current and electrical circuits; photosynthesis; Age: 13-16.  

(1) At school, the teacher launches challenges to the students: Draw, in groups or individually, an experiment that allows to ascertain whether it is possible to concentrate solar energy. Other challenge is to produce electricity from sunlight with photosynthetic pigments. Experiences that students draw and perform: – Construction of a solar collector; – extraction of photosynthetic pigments from the leaves of plants; – construction of organic solar cells; – use of the multimeter to evaluate the results; – observation of the results.

(2) Out of school, online: Theoretical research on photosynthesis, photosynthetic pigments, solar cells, clarification of doubts, exchange of ideas with peers, preparation of the report and preparation of the presentation.

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