Mission Earth

Stardate: April 2021

Quest: World Earth Day

Prologue: Just STEM!

Just STEM! is an eTwinning project focused on STEM based learning.

In STEM lessons, the students don’t sit back and watch. They investigate, resolve problems and learn how to make things happen. During the project, the teachers-captains challenge the students-astronauts to accomplish missions by investigating the Earth from outer space and solving real life problems such as Global Warming and the humans’ need of sustainable development.

Mission Earth

The fourth and final quest of the Just STEM! eTwinning project

The students work in multinational teams which are formed according to their preferences for jobs of the future (based on STEM skills).

Level One: The mission starts with an online workshop via Zoom. The students-aerospace engineers teach their peers to build paper rockets which will be used `to fly` the astronauts above the clouds.

Level Two: The students-environmental engineers coordinate the crew to perform proficiency Earth observations. They use online apps to access ESA and NASA satellites data base (Sentinel Hub EO Browser and EOSDIS Worldview). The aim of the investigation is to identify Global Warming problems and to find solutions to solve them. The students open Notebookcast whiteboards for a collaborative writing and drawing activity: a description in pictures and words of the Earth seen from outer space. The final result is a common story, `Our special planet`, presented in an E-book.

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