Mathematics and Ecology

Author: Roumiana Anguelova

Two classes 10A and 10B from February 2020 worked on the topic “Mathematics and Ecology”. The students were divided into small study groups ( 3, 4 or 5 students):

  • Fuel Analyzers;
  • Heating Analyzers;
  • Water Pollution Analyzers;
  • Аir Pollution Analyzers;
  • Soil Contamination Analyzers;
  • Acid Rain Analyzers;
  • Specialist car catalysts;
  • Chemists;
  • Pulmonary Disease Experts.

The mathematics teacher set up tasks that had to be solved with graphs, mathematical models, working with nano-dimensional units. The chemistry teacher led the teams. The online event was held as a binary lesson on 29th of April in Microsoft Teams Office 365.

Each group of analysts was working on a problem related to the causes of disturbance of ecological balance and its consequences. Each team developed a presentation or movie, outlining the measures. The groups are currently continuing their work online.

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