Author: Semih ESENDEMİR

Within the scope of the “STEM Discovery Campaign 2020” organized by Scientix in European countries, I, as a science teacher at Emine Emir Şahbaz Science and Art Center, organized an online STEM activity “Build your own weather station” with my students being 9 to 12 years old between 13 – 19 of April, 2020.

My aim in organizing this activity was to develop scientific and engineering process skills by directing them to research, questioning, and design with the online STEM event that I organized during these difficult times when I am separated from my students. To achieve this goal, I dealt with the weather events that concern us in our daily lives. I thought to develop Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills by having my students’ design tools to measure weather events like a scientist, mathematically express and predict their measurements. Based on these ideas, I decided to implement the learning scenario called “The weather in our town!

Figure 1: Weather station in our house
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