A walk through Cordoba with Julio Romero de Torres

The students of IES Blas Infante from Córdoba, Spain, carried out a STEM project with the aim of discovering more about several places in their city through pictures of the most important artist of the city, Julio Romero de Torres. They created a tour around the city locating different places that appear in pictures of Julio Romero. To make the walk more powerful, on each place there is a QR code that allows the visitor to explore a virtual scene created with CoSpaces Edu in order to know the picture where this place is represented and the most important information about this painting.

The project has been developed from February to the end of April in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • To learn more about our city Cordoba and the life and work of the Cordovan painter, Julio Romero de Torres
  • Create virtual scenes to show the painter’s work and relevant information about it.
  • Use a block based programming language to define the interaction in the virtual scene.
  • Learn to use collaborative work tools to create multimedia contents that facilitate remote working.
  • Promoting professional vocations within and outside the STEM field among the participating students.
The picture is the author’s own – (Attribution CC-BY)
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