The plan of My Garden(The plan of my room)

Teacher: Mihaela Git, “Jean Monnet” High School – Bucharest, Romania

Students use knowledge of mathematics, biology, economics, IT to make a garden plan (real or imaginary).
They will represent the garden plan on the scale, they will calculate areas, perimeters, they will analyze which flowers fit the respective area. They will also calculate the related costs. The students will use the GeoGebra program to represent the plan.
The activity took place within the eTwinning Math Explorations project.
5th grade students from Jean Monnet High School participated.

This activity included two parts carried out online in two workshops.
The first workshop took place on April 2. The final workshop took place on April 28 in a video conference with all project partners from 6 schools. 53 students and 6 teachers participated.
The activity will also be developed by the Excelsis High School from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
In the first workshop, students learned to edit word documents and especially to use the equation editor to write mathematical formulas. They sketched the plan of a garden, even the plan of a room, to get used to the scale representations. I thought it was good to give them the opportunity to make a room plan because it was easier to do. Most did both

Mini presentation
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