March with STE(A)M Challenge


Nature makes my day e-Twinning project which has been running since November presents a simple yet powerful model of how to raise awareness among students about the importance of nature in our lives and motivate them to become responsible citizens actively involved in the preservation and protection of our natural environment. Within the project we have organized an one-month activity by creating March with STE(A)M Challenge and by taking part in it.

March with STE(A)M Challenge

The March with STE(A)M Challenge aims to engage students in real-world STEM problems by learning how to think scientifically and critically when observing the world around them. The activity was design as a hands-on personalized learning opportunity for students to develop a variety of skills needed for them to be successful in their future careers: problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, information literacy, technology literacy, flexibility, leadership.

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The Power of Plants. DIVERCIENCIA

The Power of Plants

2nd Grade Primary

Colegio Puertoblanco

         Our project consists of a series of activities, including experiments and exhibitions all about the power of plants.  We will show the capacity they have to grow and move in response to stimuli such as light, water, gravity and touch: tropic and nastic movements.  We will also demonstrate how they can prevent erosion.  We will explain the medicinal uses of some plants.  Finally, we will describe the Fibonacci sequence and how it can be seen in the number of flower petals and the spirals in fruits and flowers.