Recycling is the process of reusing objects to prevent the waste of useful materials. Today’s children should learn this process to save the environment. In this study, our goal is to enable our students to use natural resources consciously. Recycling for reflecting is a project theme where students can create ideas for reusing.

This way, they can take action based on what they have learned in their immediate surroundings. We will guide our students to get to know their natural resources. We want them to investigate the areas that can be used as natural resources in their daily life. Using limited resources our expectation is that the students discover how nature and the environment are affected. We use Padlet, WordWall, Drive, and Okuvaryum as resources they can get help. The students will use recyclable materials in this project. And, we will hold meetings with the students for 3 hours a week through 6 weeks.


We aim to develop students’ thinking, communication, research, and self-management skills. According to do this, we expect the students to take the needed responsibilities starting from their own environment. We want our students to show the things they have learned. By using their sensitive behavior and creativity, they produced materials that meet their needs from waste.

We believe that inquiry-based learning creates more permanent and life-related learning. We would like to encourage other schools and societies to use this project and method.

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