“Let’s create Mrs Lent”

Date: 14th of March

Author: Eleni Katsiavou

Students’ age: 4-6

Duration: 2 hours


  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Watercolours
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Flour
  • Camera/ Mobile phone

Online Tools:

  • Cisco Webex Meetings
  • Padlet
  • Google Slides


To get to know a traditional custom and at the same time  to cultivate their mathematical skills

Description of the activity:

“Mrs Lent” is an old Greek Tradition. It was actually a kind of calendar with which they calculated the time until Easter. Women used to make a lady with dough the last Sunday of Greek Carnival. That lady had 7 legs that represented the 7 weeks of fasting before Easter. She had no mouth because she has been fasting all this time and her hands were crossed because she is praying. They also put a cross on her head. Each Saturday they had to cut one leg, so when they cut the last one they knew that the next day was Easter. So, we tried to connect this tradition with STEM in a creative way for our students.

Step 1: Let’s measure the ingredients

Students are asked to measure the ingredients for the dough (1 cup of salt-1 cup of water and 3 cups of flour). Then, they mix the ingredients and make the dough.

Step 2: Let’s create Mrs Lent

We show the students pictures of “Mrs Lent” using Google Slides and ask them to make their own. Kids create their own “Mrs Lent” the way each one likes, but they must not forget her 7 legs, so kids have to count so as to make it right. When they finish they put it in the oven for 40 minutes to dry. At this part of activity we asked their parents’ help so as to help the kids with the oven.

Step 3: Let’s draw  Mrs Lent

While the dough is in the oven we ask the students to draw “Mrs Lent”and write numbers from 1-7 under each of her legs. This way they practice number writing.

Step 4: Let’s paint  Mrs Lent

The kids are asked to paint their “Mrs Lent” if they want and then to take a picture of it and upload it on the padlet we have created for their creations. They have a mission. To cut one leg every week and calculate how many weeks are left until Easter. This helps them get aquainted with subtraction.


Te kids really enjoyed that activity. It reminded them of the experiential activities we carry out n our classroom. They cultivated Maths skills in a playful way even though carried out online.

All the pictures belong and were provided by the Author – Attribution CC-BY

One Seed One Sapling For A World

Event Name-Content: One Seed One Sapling ( Climate Change )

Type of Activity: Science and Nature Art Activity (Integrated Large and Small Group Activity)

In my single seed sapling scenario, we enabled our students to discover and learn what we can do to instill a love for trees, protect our world from the negative effects of global warming, and raise awareness about climate change. We learned the benefits of trees and forests for our world. We made seed balls that cannot be thrown from the accumulated waste paper. We observed our seed balls and acorns, we were responsible for their care. When we reached a sufficient size, we planted them in nature with our families.

Achievement and Indicators:

Motor Development : K4: Makes the movements that require the use of small muscles. ( Pours the objects from the container to the container. Gives the materials to the shape with their hands. It cuts the materials. Bonds the materials)

Cognitive Development : K 2: Predicts about an object / situation / event. ( Tells the guess about the object / situation / event. Examines the real situation. )

K5: Observes the object or entities. (Tells the color of the object / entity.

K 17: Establishes a cause-effect relationship. ( Tells the possible reasons of an event. Tells the possible consequences of an event. )

K 19: Produces solutions to problem situations. ( Tells the problem. Suggests various solutions to the problem . Chooses one of the solutions. )

Language Development : K5: Uses language for communication purposes. ( Participates in a conversation. He tells his feelings, thoughts and dreams .)

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Magnetized Green Car

The primary cause of global warming is vehicles burning fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel. However, since natural gas and oil are not entirely of organic origin, we can call them hydrocarbons in general. Based on the fact that electric vehicles do not burn hydrocarbons, we can say that they are more environmentally friendly and do not emit toxic exhaust smoke and greenhouse gases that cause global warming.
If we use electric or magnetic tools to protect our environment and prevent global warming, we can make our environment more livable.

Our digital STEM project aims to increase the interest of our students in the fields of science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Apart from this, it is aimed to train students who can think creatively, solve problems and have 21st century skills by integrating STEM disciplines with each other. In our project, the batteries of Ahmet’s car run out and cannot be changed. remembers that they can walk with the magnetic effect of the magnet. He moves his car with the method of trial and error.

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Collecting Machine ; I COLLECT – PLAY

Purpose of the Lesson Plan: We call it zero waste, we make (Collecting Machine ) “TOTALS” with waste bottles. We have fun and learn by collecting in Stem Discovery Week.

ENGAGE: The Collector Machine, designed using waste bottles, was built to raise awareness among students about preventing global warming and reducing the use of plastic. In addition, we realized our engineering design by contributing to the mental development of students with concrete operations in mathematics. During the Stem discovery week, they learned the gathering process by having fun

The teacher shows a card with a plus (+) sign to the children and asks about the meaning of this sign. After the answers of the children, it is explained that the sign is a plus sign and it is used in incrementing operations. (The plus sign is used in addition in mathematics. Addition means the increase of numbers and objects.

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