Pre-school Gain Centered Stem Implementation Plan Let’s Make a Basketball Pot

Let’s Make Basketball Hoops: We made mini basketball hoops from cardboard boxes to learn about sports with recycling. It is a fun educational game for our students to stay at home. They played very fondly and we did the ball throwing race online, we chose the 1st team. We made them do a sports activity that develops their small muscle skills. We ensured them to play with cardboard boxes and balls to spend quality time with their families.

Ünit : Healty Lifestyle

Age : 3-6 age

Time: 8 Hours


Behaviors Expected To Be Gained By Students

  • offering solutions to problems
  • estimating measurement results
  • doing sports activities
  • self-expression basis

Associating stem attachment with lessons

SCİENCE : To take the necessary precautions for health, to understand the importance of sports in terms of health

MATH :  Predicts non-standard measurement results.

TEKNOLOJI  : Makes the necessary research by using media literacy

 21st CENTURY SKILLS : Problem solving , Communication skills, Innovation


The teacher opens the video in the link below to the students and tries to apply the movements with the video in a synchronized manner with the students.

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